Dorotree Jewish Genealogy Software Dorotree Jewish Genealogy Software Dorotree Jewish Genealogy Software

The Family Tree Software for Jewish genealogists

The DoroTree software was created by veteran genealogists that were searching for a solution to their unique needs. Commemoration of the Holocaust, Date conversion, Bi-lingual reports, Jewish Lineage entry as well as an easy to navigate interface were only a few of the requirements.

The result, now being sold in its third commercial version answers all these needs and more. What started as a uniquely "Jewish" product has become one of the most innovative software products on the Genealogy scene. Our DoroTree to Excel feature places DoroTree on top of the genealogists wish list.

DoroTree's unique features include:

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You can see our flyer in English, Hebrew and French.

DoroTree Features in Detail

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Main Screen Three generations at a glance!
Sample Reports Customise shapes and colors!!
Personal Data Entry Unique first name translator!

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